Sunday, 15 November 2015

There is no life without art

If only you could see my room in my parent’s house! My mom always keeps saying that I live in chaos, but to my mind, this is a creative mess. I have been living there for eleven years before I moved to a dorm and sometimes I feel that I lack all those things. Unfortunately, I can’t show you my room right now – I’m too far away, but (thanks mom that you didn’t get rid of my stuff) I’ll do that later.
Here, at the university, I try to create the same atmosphere and that’s why there are so many reproductions of famous paintings on my walls. They inspire me, they motivate me and make me feel more alive. Some people like playing games and spending time in front of their computers and I can’t imagine my life without beautiful pictures, sculptures – some classic or modern abstract art. Every time when I visit somebody’s place, I always look for a piece of art – it adds originality to a home interior. Today many people buy abstract wall art to decorate their apartments and it looks pretty nice.

This is how I met Leonid Arfemov

And his paintings, to be exact. My girlfriend, Susan, invited me to have dinner with her family and I saw a beautiful painting hanging in the living room. That was “The Symphony Of Light” and I fell in love with it, literally. You should have seen this and wonderful mix of colors, this fusion of lights and splendid brushwork!
Leonid Afremov is a modern Jewish impressionist who has developed his own, inimitative style, though his paintings reminded me works by Van Gogh.  I was surprised to learn that he paints with a palette knife – I wonder how many days and nights he has spent on perfecting his technique. I’m stunned - he has created so many beautiful pictures full of colors and I can’t stop admiring them!

How can you recognize Afremov’s style?

-          Bright colors and vibrant lights
-          Chunky strokes of the palette knife
-          Positive emotions and great mood!

I can’t imagine modern and abstract art without Leonid Afremov! His technique is incredible – he paints cityscapes, landscapes and creates beautiful portraits on canvas. It seems that he looks at this world through sun-colored glasses and wants to share positive mood with the viewers. By the way, it is possible to buy any of his works - I think such modern abstract art for sale makes people happier and intellectually wealthier. Something makes me believe that I’ll buy one of his paintings in the future!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Color-browsing? Easy!

As I have already said, I have to think about taxes most of my time, but this blog is a kind of a place, where I’m going to forget about the economy (not a word, not a single sentence about the calculations, ugh). Here’s what I’m thinking right now: there is a new technology that assists in searching for a piece of art based on color. I read about it in this article

I wish I could use that when I was eleven! I remember I saw a picture of a beautiful and magical sunset and an unknown city. I was impressed by the colors, that drawing style, but I didn’t know the author of that masterpiece. Just a few years later I learned that was “Sunset in Venice,” by Claude Monet (please, do not confuse him with Édouard Manet).

There are so many brand-new technologies, an ocean of various devices and what do we have today? A generation that uses smartphones and Wi-Fi to download another game while there are so many opportunities for self-improvement! Don’t waste your time on pointless apps – use your computer to learn new things and become more intelligent!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Hi there!

I’m Billy Johnson, a 22 year student of Economics and Finance Faculty and I’m here to tell you about my blog. It may surprise you, but I’m not going to bother you with measurement and tax. I’m fond of drawing and, frankly speaking, sometimes I regret about my decision to become a business economist. You know, parents - they always tell you what to do and how to act, and a few years ago I had nothing to do but to hold by their advice and enter the University of Texas.

But drawing is something that makes me feel alive: when I see an autumn leaf or a sunrise, I see, I feel that beauty and I want to save its authenticity and character. I just need an easel, paints and a bit of free time and voila! - the picture is ready. My friends (and some of my tutors as well) say that I put my heart into painting and that’s why my pieces are so wonderful. As a future economist, I love hearing that.